I created this page as a place to put the original text of the letters I write to the editors of various newspapers. I feel that what I write has on occasion been edited in a manner that changes the tone or meaning of what I wrote. Also some of my letters have not been published. I am willing to post any comments from editors with the letter to which the comments apply. I write on many topics and will no doubt add to the list. I believe in the freedom of the press. However, with freedom comes responsibility. The most important responsibilities of a free press are accuracy and truth. Democracy fails when the opinion of the individual citizen is formed from inaccurate and misleading information presented as truthful.

These links are by topic.

Alternative and Renewable Energy

Letter to The Macon Telegraph on Solar Power vs new Nuclear Power plants.

Gun Control and Crime

Letter to The Macon Telegraph on trigger-locks.

Scanned clippings of two of my letters that were lost in a hard drive failure.

Letter to the Macon telegraph on the decision by Mayor Ellis to change firearms suppliers.

Letter to the Editors, Macon Telegraph, on social brutality July 20, 2005

Miscellaneous Topics.

Lake Wildwood spillway problems.

Zebulon road traffic issues.

City investigation of Kelly Clark.