Letters, Macon Telegraph


John F. Kraus II RN
Gun choice should belong to Officers not politicians.


While I agree with the editorial on the inappropriate intrusion of politics into the decision making process on police firearms purchases, I feel that you and Mayor Ellis have overlooked the most important factor.  It is the officer´s life that is on the line and each officer must have confidence in his or her equipment.

When an officer draws their weapon to shoot, that weapon must function as an extension of their hand.  Handguns are not equal when it comes to the individual who must use them.  The controls and the ergonomics vary from model to model.  If the grip is too large or small or the angle of the barrel to the grip is not comfortable, that officer will not be able to shoot well.

This leads to a lack of confidence on the part of the officer.  This lack of confidence can lead to missing the target thereby endangering bystanders or cause hesitation at a critical moment that can cost an officer their life. The ideal situation would be for each officer to choose a weapon from a list of approved weapons set by the department.

A handgun is a police tool.  Individual preference and ability should determine an officer´s choice not politics.

John F. Kraus II RN