A shady place to work

I needed a shady spot to work so I built this tarp frame. I may cover it with solid roofing later.


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The new trailer is ready

I finally got a new trailer so now I can get the boat to the lake much more easily. Only time will tell how long it will be before I can do more sailing. I’ll post some pictures as soon as I get home and can download them from the camera.

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I’m still here

It’s been awhile since the last post but we have had a stretch of very hot weather and I have done little with the boat as a result.  Temps have been in the 98-101 F  range and quite humid so that equates to 110-117 heat indices.  Even worse it is getting up there temp wise before noon many days.  This also gets the workshop very hot unless I run all the available air conditioners all night and that eats a lot of juice.

So I am in wait mode until the weather moderates.   The upside of this is that once temps begin trending down I will be able to enjoy the water until mid to late November.   So check back and I will have more as I get back out there in a few weeks.

I also have a lot of chores to do around the farm that take up much of my early morning time. I got the chickens I hatched last spring moved into their new digs after replacing the roof over the coop.

I broke the blade adapter (cast pot metal device) that mounts the blade on the motor shaft.  So I need to locate a replacement so I can tackle the grass and weeds that a few rain showers caused to explode.  It’s not all bad; the weeds and grass are good inputs for the compost pile.

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Second trip

Made a few changes in seating and sorted out the camera so I have a few better pics.  Not much time to write so I will just upload the pics.

Second trip

Second tripSecond tripSecond trip

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On the water. She Floats!

At least she didn’t sink.  We caught a few fish.  Unfortunately I didn’t check the camera and it was set on manual and the pics my wife took are quite dark.  Not her fault she is not familiar with the camera.

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Ready to Roll

Not quite finished with all the last bit of paint and such but I can’t let a long weekend escape.  Especially since I have to reenter the workforce Tuesday becuse the vacation is over.  So on to the pics.  I had to modify the small utility trailer but it seem to be working ok.

On the trailer ready to roll

On the trailer ready to roll

On the trailer ready to roll

On the trailer ready to roll

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Fairing and smoothing and a legal blessing

Made a good bit of progress over the past few days.  Faired the inwales down to meet the quarter knees with the plane and they just need a bit of sanding to get them ready for stain and spar varnish.

Got a visit from the game warden who checked the work and did the paperwork for my hull identification number and boat registration.  So now I am legal to get it wet with a motor.  Gives me a bit of a push to get ‘er  done as they say.

Aiming for some underway shots this weekend.


Planing the inwales.

I am aiming for a gentle curve and reduction in thickness from the front to the rear deck backto blend with the quarter knees.  A bit of sanding and paint should do it.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train.


Breast hook and mast step.

Breast hook and mast step.

A bit more sanding here as well to blend the curve to the inwales.  Still need to glue the mast step in then epoxy and varnish the deck.   I will also glue a 3/4″maple backer block under the deck between the inwales for support to attach a bow eye for a painter.

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More progress.


I got the seat area framed.  I need to re-cut the seat plate due to gluing the two thwart frames with a slight taper from side to side.  Amazing what a 1/4 inch error can do to the fit or lack thereof.  Oh well I’ll cut a new seat plate and fit it in later.

I got tired of the sharp edges on the gunwales.  I ran the router over them using a round over bit.  Much smoother now.  I also got the quarter knees in but I still need to trim some fiberglass from around them and fair the inwales down to meet them.

I need to cut and sand a curve in the breasthook then glue it in.  I will put a maple block behind it between the inwales for support for a painter eye or later rigging.  The square thing is the mast / antenna socket.  It’s made of maple that I had lying around so it should be tough.  It sits on a 5×5 maple pad in the bottom of the boat so it should be strong enough.  I plan to trim the front and back edges so that they are only slightly proud of the deck near the bow and flush on the stern side.  This will leave two ears for the mast to sit in when it is not stepped for transport and make it easier to stand the mast up one handed.  It will be epoxied to both the deck and the foot to help maintain the water tight integrity of the forward compartment.  Stand the mast up and drop it in.  Then cross pin it to prevent it from lifting up.

I also got the trolling motor socket wired and the next major task back there is to glue down the rear deck. The batteries will fit in the mid seat area or in a battery box that I have that I will locate in front of the seat.  I am a big guy so I may need to play with battery location to even out the trim.  This is especially true when I am solo.


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Working on the bow compartment

I have spent all day today working on the bow compartment. I am doing a little customization. I am installing a hatch that I plan to make water tight. This will allow some storage up front for possible river camping trips. I am also installing a square hollow box that extends from the floor of the boat up through the deck to allow a mast to be stepped. I may eventually want to sail the boat so it was wise to do it during the build. It will also allow a ham-radio antenna mast using a 20ft fiberglass fishing rod with a wire wrapped around it. I like working radio from marginal stations. No pics today but I plan to have some after tomorrows work session. I will be installing the quarter knees in the back.

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Working on the final touches

I have several days off in the next few weeks and I am trying to finish the boat before I have to go back to work.  She is looking good and I am very ready for the weather to cool down and I want to get the boat wet.

Skamper Skiff

Nearing Completion

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