Letters, Macon Telegraph


John F. Kraus II RN


The Zebulon road area has been suffering from a series of bad decisions by local road planners.  The opening of Kohl's has caused the situation to deteriorate. There are two issues that need immediate attention.  

First, the Peake road intersection desperately needs left turn signals.  I have witnessed several near misses as people make darting left turns in front of traffic going straight.  I find it hard to blame these drivers either.  I can empathize with the desperation they must feel after waiting through as many as three signal changes with only one or two cars able to make the left turn. This will only get worse.

Second,  access from Lamar road needs to be changed to a right turn only and the left turn from Zebulon needs to be eliminated.  I have had several near misses as people exiting the interstate dart across all lanes in an attempt to turn left onto Lamar road.  

This area is in dire need of some simple changes that should not wait for the bridge construction to be completed.  With the construction of a new exit from Kohl's next to Krystal the amount of traffic entering Zebulon road will only increase.  

Traffic in this area is forced by poor intersection design to travel perpendicular routes to other traffic.  This sets the stage for T-Bone type collisions.  

Web update on this situation

So far there has been no change other than for the situation to get worse. With the opening of the Kohls there are now several cars a day making illegal right turns into the Kohls parking lot despite clear marking and a concrete island. These cars are almost making a U-turn rather than waiting at the light to turn left. I have seen no law enforcement here at all. There remains a dire need for a left turn light from Peake road onto Zebulon Road.

Last updated on July 28, 2005