John F. Kraus II RN

One several occasions recently I have observed a distressing situation in Lake Wildwood.  When water begins to cover the roadway at several of the creeks within Wildwood the staff are often slow to open alternative exits and close the roads.  I have seen water 6-8" deep on these spillways with cars having no choice but to drive over them or be unable to exit.  My concerns have been met with excuses that they are busy or do not have enough people on duty.  I think that any time there is bad weather has the potential to overflow these spillways the alternative exits should be opened first.  Then residents will have an option that does not place them at risk.  I wonder what Lake Wildwoods liability will be if someone is injured due to these negligent acts.

Web Update on this situation

This continues to be a problem with Wildwood security forcing me to drive over a flowing water crossing on colaparchee creek. Water was about 4 inches deep at the time and a security patrol was sitting in a truck at the site. They refused to open the side gate "its not high enough yet". This attitude is completely in opposition to the teaching of NOAA and most emergency management groups. Indeed there is an ongoing public education program based around the concept "Turn Around Don't Drown". Unfortunately, this only works if you have another way to get to work.

Last updated on July 28, 2005