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I am reasonably certain that the State of Georgia has on its payroll at least a few certified forensic accountants.  City Council is foolish to even consider paying off Kelly Clark before a full accounting of her performance is done.  This is throwing good money after bad.

What needs to happen for Macon to survive is actually very simple but also unlikely.   Macon needs to find some real "Leaders".  A real "Leader" is someone who is not afraid of public opinion;  one who will do the right thing, not because it is popular, but because it is right.  What is needed before any decisions are made is a full accounting of Macon's finances.

It is becoming obvious that the District Attorney is not able to do the job.  In this case the right thing is to call for outside help for a full forensic accounting of this administrations handling of city finances.  Call the GBI, the FBI, the IRS or whoever can do the job, but get it done.  

Macon will never get out of the hole its "leaders" have dug until it knows the true dimensions of the hole.  Finding this out will require true "Leadership".  So far I have seen no indication that we have any true - lead from the front -  "Leaders" in Macon city government.

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Since this letter was sent and not published the Local District Attorney has turned the case over to the US Attorney. This is basically what I advocated from the beginning.

Last updated on July 28, 2005