My web philosophy

I design my Web Pages to load fast and provide links to sites I find of interest. You won't find a lot of eye candy and other junk that slows things down here. I am in the middle of a complete overhaul of my site so some of the pages are not up at present. I will be fixing this as time allows.

My hobbies are

Amateur Radio,  Hiking,  Computers,  Canoeing,  Fly Fishing  and  Fly Tying.

I am an Amateur Radio Operator. My callsign is KC4ZGQ.

I was first licensed in 1991 while in nursing school. I enjoy using ham radio for real time tracking of storms, vehicles, and public service events. I worked with the local branch of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service during the Hurricane Floyd evacuation of the Georgia Coast. I recently upgraded to General and plan to do the Extra exam soon.

I have served as District Emergency Coordinator for Digital Communications for the Georgia Amateur Radio Emergency Service. I was also a member of Georgia Army MARS for a while until a new job created a conflict. I enjoy digital and rag chewing and DX chasing more than contesting. My goal is to get my house remodled then sell it and move out into the country where I can have a few critters and room for some real antenna experimentation. I have begun trying to get an HFPack system built around a Yaesu FT-817 but have not made a single QSO with it yet. Georgia is way to hot and humid for much backpacking and the trees make /PM very hard so I will do more walk -- stop -- talk -- walk etc.