My web philosophy

I design my Web Pages to load fast and provide links to sites I find of interest. You won't find a lot of eye candy and other junk that slows things down here. I am in the middle of a complete overhaul of my site so some of the pages are not up at present. I will be fixing this as time allows.

This is the new site but it is still under construction using Wordpress.

My hobbies are

Amateur Radio,  Hiking,  Computers,  Canoeing,  Fly Fishing  and  Fly Tying.

I am an Amateur Radio Operator. My callsign is KC4ZGQ.

I enjoy using ham radio for real time tracking of storms, vehicles, and public service events. I worked with the local branch of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service during the Hurricane Floyd evacuation of the Georgia Coast. I updated my Ham Radio pages 21 December 2009, see the link on the left.

Last updated on December 21, 2009